About us

Empowering Creative Creator

We try to provide easy tools for image and video editing. Our vision is to let all people edit images and videos via the web and there is no need to download and install any software, and no need to buy expensive devices. All images and videos will deal with our powerful cloud platform AI-powered.

Enabling Visual AI for Everyone

By making complicated tech simple, we strive to enable individuals and businesses of all sizes to benefit from the recent advances in Visual AI. Our tools simplify and accelerate workflows, foster creativity, and enable others to create new magic images and videos.

Easy for All

We try to make every tool and every step easy for everyone. With just a few clicks, the job is done!

Fast and Faster

Speed is very important for business competition. Time is money. With our automatic online tools, you don't need to wait for days with manual editing.

Quality is the Key

With our Magic AI, SharkFoto could generate high-quality results for image and video processing.

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